Landgrave Eldred of Braug

A stern noblemen, with an uncomprimising world view.


A darkness hover around a man advanced in his years. The gloom is complimented by his soured disgust. His preferred dress is the militant-regalia of knightly station, though his choices plate mail mirror polished but otherwise minimalist, the joints left vulnerable for comfort and flexibility.


Long disenfranchised by with the weakening nobility of his countrymen he joined the ranks of the Obsidian Legion, the militant arm of the Vein of Obsidian, the religious sect sweeping the realm.

Only now, with his old body reinvigorated with divine energies does he have will to do what is necessary. Aldred will crush all opposition. He will bring unity and liberty to all the people of Syr. They will accept his Tyranny of Freedom, or fall forever.

Landgrave Eldred of Braug

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