Inevess, the Kingdom of the Sun


As you step on the shores of Cascalion, you feel the weight of the sun on your shoulders. The rolling farmland, the blue as blue comes lakes and rivers, the rich society and appreciation for the arts are what defines Inevess as the jewel of Syr.

The land is ruled by King Malkyn and his beautiful Queen Lucia. His hand is firm, but not as heavy as the country demands. The Orealia, the order of guards that protect the Imperial City and capital of Inevess, the major ports and other notable posts are loyal to a fault, but are highly under utilized in the eyes of the wealthy. The general feeling in Inevess is the idea of advancement, not necessary up, but outward. The only real country to possess a grand military that is deeply entrenched in society, Inevess is thought to have the power to control all of Syr.

While the Imperial City is where the hub of power rests, it’s in Cascalion that even notable members of the Inevess society come to rest and relax. The biggest port city in all of Syr, Cascalion is home to all sorts of artists, travelers and people of interest. The population is primarily human in Inevess, but Cascalion is quite varied. The sprawling city is gleaming from tower to tower, a far cry from the darkness and sharp angles of the north. Instead, it is far more romantic in Cascalion, the curvature of the architecture and warm colors bringing to life the city itself.

The saying in Cascalion, “money might”, can easily be translated into the idea that money makes the world move. The appointed steward of Cascalion is known as Wren, a significant patron of the arts and a mover and a shaker in his own right.

Inevess, the Kingdom of the Sun

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