“Don’t play with fire, let it die.”

The world of Syr is a struggling place as of late. The end of ancient, massive empires led to the demise of the planet itself, the very roots corrupted by the poison of warfare, blood and magic gone awry. With this devastation only 10,000 years ago, the six kingdoms of the modern era are still in the shadows of what once was.

The end of the Syr, that’s what they had called it so many years ago. The perishing of the old world sprung up a saying. Nevermore, they said, it was useless to even try. And so the world fell into chaos as strong souls sought to bring peace to lands that were scattered among the wreckage that was left behind.

Today much of the world is separated by ocean. Three island kingdoms and three massive continent kingdoms sprawl across the globe. Size is not necessarily proportional to power, however. Some of the strongest kingdoms that hold many cards are only a mere island chain. Dael is almost lost to the wilds, while Korgarath is mountainous and divided. Inevess is the last of the major continents and possesses the most capable military force, but without the backing of an aggressive King, the society of Inevess is teetering on the very edge.

Rivinstad survives on the promise that currency holds. Known for it’s banking schemes, it holds Syr in red tape wherever it can. Loer is almost lost to itself, far from the console and interest of other nations. Valkyr manages on their own, part of mystery and part out of cleverness on the part of the Queen.

Nevermore may not mean a lot to you, or it means the world. Everything is changing. Do you believe what they say?